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We all have them.

Now, I’m not talking about the weird ones you have when you wake up terrified from the giant waffle chasing you. My son, Roman, has this reoccurring dream and our breakfast table conversations often trigger the details-giant waffles attacking him. A forest of giant bacon and eggs, and waffles.

My reoccurring dream since I was a little girl is flying. Yes. I know… you can fly too? Well, whenever there is danger, all I have to do is sit down and put my feet together, then magic. I am in the air. Over the years, I’ve perfected my ability to control my aircraft body with quick turns and flips, not to brag or anything. I’ve had a lot of practice.

And pregnant dreams are the weirdest. Those of you who have not yet joined us in the magnificent world of motherhood and experienced these bazaar dreams, my advice for you, write them down. It’s much easier to believe someone who has actual evidence for their ridiculousness. I was always dreaming of delivering my child out of my foot, showing everyone, then putting him back. What kind of mother puts her child back? In her foot? Surely there is some symbolism for that but who really has time to figure out the dreams in my head.

So like I was saying, not those kind of dreams. I mean our real dreams.

Some of them small and very undone. Others wild and world changing. We dare to be dreamers, but some dreams scare us. Because they are big. Bigger than ourselves and what we are capable of. Some dreams laugh at us and make us feel unworthy. Make us feel small and insignificant. Then there are dreams that point out our flaws and remind us of what we aren’t doing to flourish in them. Some even shout at us because they are lacking our attention. Other dreams confuse us and make us feel like failures. Sometimes we let them fade into the distance and pretend they don’t exist.

I have found myself often dreaming, but not always flying. Unlike my childhood dream, I’ve been too scared to step into flight. Too calculated for the risk below. Afraid of where the adventure leads.

But what if we exposed our dreams? What if set them free? What if we opened them up to a world of excitement and allowed ourselves to fail, just in pursuit of what might be? What if instead of the fear of failing, it was the fear of never trying? What if our dreams took flight and this was the greatest adventure we have ever known?

FullSizeRenderby: WanderByHand

What if?! So what if you fail a thousand times. What if you actually fly?! What if all this time you’ve had wings waiting to take flight? And you could soar above the mountaintops and live with the most breathtaking view. God says His mighty power in us is able to do far more that we would ever dare to ask for or dream of! (Eph. 3:20) So what exactly is holding me back?


Where are you dreamer,

have you forgotten you are free?

Where are you dreamer,

come fly with me.


  1. So I know you’re writing this for yourself but at the same time, you need to know, you are writing this for all of us! I needed to be reminded of DREAMS today and of flying in them, even flying in the failing!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much, Rob.
    Love, your biggest fan

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  2. I am the one …. who is holding me back. Thank you Robbyn for helping me open my eyes.

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  3. Such a great reminder! Love this Robbyn

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